Our history...

Since 1960, TAHIPACK specializes in the manufacture of packaging machinery, maintaining its own production plant in Kalamata. From the first machine “Flowpack Spiliadis” in 1970 until today, we offer our customers and partners top options in packaging machines and comprehensive technical support services, with immediate service and permanent stock of spare parts.


The construction company AFOI SPILIADI OE is established, based in Kalamata, which initially deals with the construction of various machines, mainly for the flour and tobacco industry.


In the early 70’s, the company started dealing with packaging machines, mainly cellophane for the tobacco industry and pastel production industry.

At the end of the 70’s the first Greek horizontal packaging machine TAHIPACK is designed, type “flowpack”


The technical knowledge of the Spiliadis brothers and the always willing and friendly support of their customers, quickly establish the new machine “Flowpack” in the Greek handicrafts and industry and its mass production begins. With hundreds of applications in Greece and abroad, the machines constantly upgrading, following the technological developments.


With the entry of the next generation in the company, its modernization is inevitable and it’s name changes into “I.SPILIADIS & SON CO”.

By investing in new design technologies, modern production machines and CNC machines, the company is constantly developing and improving the range of its machines, aiming at the best possible value for money.


In the early 90’s, the trading company TAHIPACK Ltd. is established, based in Athens, which aims to sell and technically support the machines of  I.S.SPILIADIS & SON CO. in Greece and abroad. TAHIPACK is directly connected with the construction company, by family bonds.


At the beginning of 2000, TAHIPACK is transferred to a new larger exhibition space, while the range of its products is expanded and transformed into TAHIPACK LTD.

The effort to improve our services is continuous. We organize our commercial and technical department with the requirements of ISO 9001, , we follow the developments, we expand our collaborations with reliable European companies, we upgrade our communication, so that we can follow your needs!


TAHIPACK now cooperates with the leading companies in the industry, while  remains the exclusive representative of the construction company SPILIADIS. Thanks to its long experience and expertise, TAHIPACK can understand the need of every business, proposing solutions ideal for small, medium or large production.