Doypack Packaging Machines


Doypack Packaging Machines create from film or package in pre-made bags. Doypack type bags have a special configuration at their base, so that they stand up after being filled with the desired product. The bags are placed en masse in a feeder or shaped by film. Then they are being opened, filled and sealed automatically. These machines can Vacuum-Gas flash the bag & are equipped with coding mechanisms, supply systems of your choice, etc.

This package is ideal for: powders, spices, coconut products, legumes, dried fruits, seeds, creams, cosmetology products, liquids, etc.

1, 3 and 5 station linear machines or 8-station rotary machines are available for pre-formed bags and vertical or horizontal packaging machines for film-shaped bags.

For small production, doypack bags can be sealed with simple sealing machines, or continuous sealing machines.

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