Vacuum Lapack Series – 550S Dublex

Vacuum Lapack Series - 550S Dublex

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Professional packaging machines with bell characterised by an elevated quality and high care of structural details. They are suitable for different sectors and they find applications in the general middle enterprises. The perfect performances and the elevated productive output are integrated with an innovative multifunctional digital control panel LCD that exalts the features.

  • Sealing bar: (2x550mm) x2
  • Size of the chamber: (720x570x220 H)x 2
  • Vacuum Pump: Q= 100/120 m3/h
  • Additional information

Additional information

Sealing Bar

(2xmm550) x2

Chamber Dimensions

(720x570x220 Υ)x 2

Vacuum Pump

100/120 m3/h


2,5 KW

Machine Dimensions

1680x680x1050 Υ


260 Kg

Power Supply

380 V/50-60 Hz

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