Manual Tray Sealer Machine THP-300

Manual Tray Sealer Machine THP-300

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THP-300 provides great convenience for cafe and restaurants. The machine is designed to be suitable for closing non-combustible paper containers. It can be closed with external carton cover with cover with carton lid and film. Different types of molds can be used for different containers in the shop. It is practical and fast. The machine is closed with the automatic magnetic lock for the required time and it is automatically opened at the end of the time.


  • Excellent table top design
  • 5-7 operation per minute
  • Stainless steel body of quality 304
  • Eloxal-coated aluminum parts
  • Te­flon-coated hot plate
  • Single direction cutting (max 90 micron)
  • Easy to install ‑film and easy to clean
  • Energy saving with automatic digital temperature control system (PID)
  • Quick service with easy to replace equipment
  • 2-year warranty CE & EAC certificate
  • Fast and easy mold changing
  • Magnetic locking system with timer
  • Opportunity to close both with film or cardboard cover
  • Renewable machine design
  • User friendly
  • Stainless steel
  • Videos
  • Additional information

Additional information


5 – 7 τεμ/λεπτό

Mold Dimensions

270 x 230 x 100mm

Max Film Width

300 mm

Film Thickness

>30 m

Machine Dimensions

W=390 x L=803 x H=200mm


30 Kg



Power Supply

220V, 50HZ/10A  

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