6 Heads Filling and Capping Machine

6 Heads Filling and Capping Machine

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– Consist of one filling unit and one capping unit within the same frame, reducing the cost and the size of the machine.

– Primes the product from a 80 liters hopper with an automatic level control system.

– The level control system is synchronized with the transfer pump to start or stop.

– The caps are delivered to the sorting system by the cap elevator.

– The sorting system distributes the caps to the cap chute and dispensing blade in the correct position.

– The caps are automatically placed on the packages and closed by the capping system with the required torque.

– All the parts including the main valve and the nozzles are connected by tri-clamps for an easy disassembling for the cleaning process.

– The volume adjustment can be done by a handwheel and a numerator on the machine.

– There are four interchangable filling nozzles which are designed for liquids and viscous products, with an anti dropping system.

– The capping head can be changed easily according to different types and sizes of caps.

– Adjustable speed diving nozzle for foamy products.

– No container-No fill System.

– User friendly touch screen interface available in different languages.

– 3 meters conveyor with adjustable side rails for various sizes of packages.

– Lighted cabin with 10mm polycharbon covers and security switches on the doors.

– The working system is pneumatic an electronic. It operates with 6 bars compressed air.

– The consumption of air is 800 lt/minute when it’s performing with the maximum volume and the maximum speed.

– The electrical connection is three phase (380v / 50-60 Hz)

– Optional C.I.P. suitable cleaning system.

– Optional Double Jacketed Hopper.

– Optional Agitator.

– Optional Filling Piston Back Side Cleaning System.

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