Automatic Horizontal Doypack Packaging Machine

Automatic Horizontal Doypack Packaging Machine

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By using a variety of heat sealable multi-layer complex film, our horizontal packaging machine series is designed for packaging a variety of products fully automatically. These machines are forming, filling and sealing pouches. Equipped with our filling or dosing system, customer can fill various products: powder, liquid or granule.

  • Doy pack (Simple, Zip ή or Spout)
  • Sachet bag (Simple, Zip ή or Spout, Double-Link)
  • Vacuum bag  

Combined with: linear or multi-headed weighers, volumetric or augers depending on the type of product and the required production speed.

They can be equipped with elevators, coding machines (printers & labelers), metal detectors, collection systems etc.

All flexible roll packaging materials (PP, PE, PET, ALU, KRAFT, etc.) are acceptable.

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