Automatic L Sealer RLS 58X45

Automatic L Sealer RLS 58X45

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Max film: 650mm

Cross sealer length: 580×440 mm


  • Feasible fully automatic solution for average capacity requirements
  • Easy to integrate with the production lines directly
  • Easy-to-reach spacious design for both maintenance and adjustments


  • Automatic length detection by sensor synchronized with encoder control
  • User-friendly colorful touch screen operator panel
  • Automatic packaging film drive with tension control
  • Automatic trim winder with tension control
  • Linear sealing ability for various heights by Center-Seal system
  • Feeding frequency control by sensor detection and PLC command
  • Ability to read instant (or total) realized capacity by counter
  • L bar opening limit control by electric servo system
  • L bar sealing pressure control system
  • Trimmer system with safety sliding window with safety sensors
  • Roll nesting unit with CE competible safety doors
  • Fixed legs and casters together for both option
  • Visual and audio warning signal for film tension variance detection
  • Strong needle-wheel frame structure for air discharge perforation


  • Fully Teflon coated L shaped hot bar-knife system
  • PID controlled sealing temperature inserted by touch panel
  • Alternative sealing blade structures for various packaging material
  • Product clearance control under seal bar by sensor


  • Easily adjustable for varying product sizes and capacity requirements
  • Various language options and adaptable touch keyboard
  • Recordable and re-callable product value adjustments
  • User friendly designed trim-winder for easy and prompt trim unloading
  • Separated film roll cabinet for easy and prompt loading
  • On-screen adjustable frontal and hinder gaps


  • Proper passage of short products by Linking Conveyor
  • Printed Film applicability by marker detection sensor and programming
  • Ability to use single layer flat film by Center-Folding Unit
  • Ability to control additional conveyors by inverters
  • Pneumatic sealing with less option to target economic solution


  • ISO9001 quality standards with the relevant norm’s confirmation
  • World-wide brands for all mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components
  • CE certifications, complies with the latest CE directives
  • One year warranty on non-wearable parts (extendable)
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee for spare part stock and after sales support
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee for spare part stock availability up to 5 years


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