Automatic Thermoforming machine of individual portion

Automatic Thermoforming Machines

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The Automatic thermoforming machine of individual portion, shapes, fills and welds individual portion trays for products such as: jam, honey, butter, chocolate etc.

It uses industrial plastic, suitable for food in a roll, which with the appropriate molds forms into trays of the desired size.

Then the shaped trays are promoted for the film to be sealed on the upper side.

Combined with filling or dosing machines.

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  • Double Filling Head
  • Heating and Stirring
  • Photocell for printed film
  • Date/LOT Printer
  • Mold Cooling System
  • Stainless Steel 304

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15-25 κύκλοι/λεπτό

Max Tray Dimensions


Standard έκδοση
Air Pressure


Power Supply

380v/220v 50Hz 1.8Kw



PET για τα σκαφίδια
PTP aluminum foil για την επάνω επιφάνεια
Machine Dimensions

1800x750x1700 mm


600 Kg

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