Automatic Tray Sealer MAP & Skin Pack THP-3000 SRV

Automatic Tray Sealer MAP & Skin Pack THP-3000 SRV

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ATS 3000 SRW is a model for industry. Completely made of stainless steel. The mold and aluminum parts are eloxal coated. Values can be monitored numerically and graphically with the touch operator panel and any action can be done easily. The pneumatic system, gas pressure and vacuum values are controlled by sensor on the vacuum values are controlled by sensors on the machine and operator is directed by warning message on display the machine has printed film, non- printed film, options and photocell system. Easy to replace mold system provides low mold cost effectiveness, unlimited mold choice and high performance for line type MAP packaging.



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  • Line type solution on vacuumed and gaseous plate closing
  • Automatic fi­lling and magazine can be integrated into feed band
  • 10-inch Touch Screen operator panel and adjustable panel box
  • Values are monitored numerically and graphically
  • The vacuum pump of 150 m3 DVP
  • User – Friendly with automatic operation counter and other safety and warning sensors
  • Possibility of only welding and cutting by one-touch
  • Photocell unit to use printed­ film
  • Stainless steel body of quality 304
  • Eloxal coated aluminum parts
  • Automatic ­film adjustment and waste film discharge system
  • Completely cut the fi­lm around the plate and does not need extra labor
  • Energy saving with automatic temperature control system
  • Very easy to transport by stainless steel wheels
  • Precise measurement control with digital vacuum sensor

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4-10 cycle/min

Mold Dimensions
Vacuum Pump
Max Film Width
Film Weight

16 Kg

Film Thickness

>40 m.

Air Consumption
Air Pressure

6 – 7 Bar

Machine Dimensions
Power Supply

400V 50Hz 40A

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