Continuous Air Suction Band Sealer (Optional: Gas Flushing)

Continuous Air Suction Band Sealer (Optional: Gas Flushing)

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This machine is based on the widely absorb essence of similar foreign products and vacuum machine .according to the latest requirement of market to design on new model with send, vacuum, inflatable (such as nitrogen or other gases), seal, code, in one set, continuous sealing and packing machine.

This machine with Simple and novel structure, beautiful appearance, complete function, high degree of automation, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

1.Thicker and wider heating block & cooling block to ensure the quick and perfect sealing

2.High precision processed driving wheel, much beautiful

3.High-quality solid rubber tensioning knob, wearproof

4.Unibody gear box, flank fixed, more steady

5.High-quality polyformaldehyde gear with high- strength injection molding, Running more smooth and low noise

6.Patent to replace the sealing belt, which is easy and convenient

7.Shield on the machine to ensure the safety of the operator

8.Conveyor can be easily adjusted up, down, ahead or back according to the size of the products

9.Elegant panel, easy operation, variable speed conveyor

10.Can with the gas filling ,the filling time is adjustable

11.The new choice of the vacuum pump to ensure the high degree of vacuum

12.“AirTac” filter can prevent the products (such as small granule ,liquid ) into the vacuum pump

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Sealing Width


Max Product Weight


Machine Dimensions

1020 Χ 480 Χ 925


84 Kg

Power Supply


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