Doypack Bags

Doypack Bags

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Doypack food packaging bags or Stand Up Pouches, have the ability to stand upright on the shelf, achieving maximum visibility & presentation of products.

  • Zip or valve closure, ensuring easy opening & re-closing of the package
  • Easy to use as they are flexible and that is why they are so popular with consumers
  • Due to their special material and design, they remain upright on the shelf without falling
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and materials, depending on product requirements
  • They keep the product fresh and safe
  • Indicative uses of Doypack packaging: Food, Agricultural Products, Cereals, Coffee, Shampoo, Nuts, etc.
  • They are sealed with heat sealing machines, or automatic Doypack machines

Available in: Transparent, Craft, Metallic bags.

Valve capability, suitable for coffee packaging.

Ability to print up to 8 colors, in the dimensions you want.

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  • Transparent bags, Craft, aluminum, with valve, unprinted, printed, with window with zipper and tear notes (easy opening notch)
  • Excellent quality construction, with certificates of suitability for food
  • Immediately available bags in standard dimensions, unprinted
  • High quality prints, upon request
  • Special dimensions, on request
  • Available in: Transparent, Craft, Metallic bags
  • Valve capability, suitable for coffee packages
  • Possibility of printing up to 8 colors, in dimensions that you wish.
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