Hand Sealer THP200/THP300/THP400/THP500

Hand Sealer THP200/THP300/THP400/THP500

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The THP series sealer is easy to be operated and suitable to seal various kinds of plastic films, with the heating time adjustable. It starts working just by turning on the power supply.

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Tύπος ΜηχανήςTHP 200THP 300THP 400THP 500
Μέγιστο πλάτος σακούλας180mm280mm380mm480mm
Πλάτος συγκόλλησης3mm3mm3mm3mm
Xρόνος συγκόλλησης:0.2-1.3 sec0.2-1.3 sec0.2-1.3 sec0.2-1.3 sec
Διαστάσεις μηχανής:350 x 75 x 195mm450 x 75 x 260mm550 x 75 x 290mm650 x 85 x 330mm
Βάρος μηχανής:2.8KG4.5KG5.2KG7,3KG

Additional information

Bag Width

<200mm, <300mm, <400mm, <500mm

Sealing Width


Χρόνος Κόλλησης
Machine Dimensions

350 x 75 x 195 mm, 450 x 75 x 260 mm, 550 x 75 x 290 mm, 650 x 85 x 330 mm


2,8 Kg, 4,5 Kg, 5,2 Kg, 7,3 Kg

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