Paper Trays

Paper Trays

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New series of paper trays suitable for food, in refrigerated or high temperature conditions.

  • They are made with the highest quality standards, from raw materials of exceptional quality
  • They have an inner coating, which makes them impervious to liquids and fats
  • They have excellent resistance to organic food ingredients (oil, salt, acidic environment, etc.)
  • Can be used in a conventional oven up to 175o C for 30 ‘
  • Used in a microwave oven
  • Resistant to cooling down to -40οC
  • Healthy and completely safe in contact with food
  • Affordable printing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • They are durable to use and carry
  • Available in white & black
  • Can be sealed with film in tray sealing machines, semi-automatic or automatic
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