Single channel weighing machine

Single channel weighing machine

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Single channel weighing machine, foot-operated. It is suitable for weighing products into pieces, grains, powders: coffee, sugar, salt, rice, legumes, olives, spices, etc.

  • Depending on the application, they have a larger capacity bucket, vibrating systems, dimple surface, etc.
  • It can operate autonomously or can be adapted to automatic packaging machines, vertical type, doypack type, etc.
  • For smaller productions, it is combined with heat sealing machines for airtight closure of the bag
  • Can be equipped with supply systems
  • Two-channels or four-channels scales are also available
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  • Specifications

Channels: 1Volume: 20 – 1000 g.Hopper: 4,5 L.Accuracy: +- 1g.Speed: 10 – 15 w/mPower: 220V, 50 Hz

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