Single Station Premade Bag Packaging Machine

Single Station Premade Bag Packaging Machine

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Premade Bag type: Doypack, Pillow, Gusset, Sachet, Spout etc.

Used in a variety of recreation food,deep frozen food,milk powder,coffee,oatmeal,granulated sugar,salt,puffed food,rice,herbal,tea,small hardware etc

Working Steps: bag feeding, date printing, bag opener, products filling, sealing, output

  • The frame of machine is made by stainless steel #304.
  • Simple design of empty bags collector, with automatic bags pressing device.
  • With pressure sensor device, no materials filling no bag sealing, to save more bags during production.
  • Speed: 5~20bags/min
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Additional information


5 – 15 τεμ/λεπτό χωρίς Zip, 5 τεμ/λεπτό με Zip

Bag Width

100 – 300 mm

Bag Length

100 – 300 mm


1,75 KW

Machine Dimensions

1750 x 510 x 1300mm

Power Supply


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