SPL 150 Flow Pack Rotary

SPL 150 Flow Pack Rotary

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SPL150 is suitable for the packaging of a wide range of products, up to 20cm wide: food, bakery-confectionery, non-food

  • Dimensions of products: width 20 – 180mm, height 2 – 100mm, length 100 – 600mm.
  • Jaws 220mm
  • Packaging speed till 40 – 80 pieces per minute (depending from the length of the product & the packing material).
  • Stainless surfaces, ensuring the most strictly sanitary conditions upon packing of food products.
  • The main body is made by painted steel. Optional is the entire stainless steel construction.
  • The external coverings of the machine are stainless steel.
  • An operational system based on a series of automatic control sensors, which ensure proper functioning of the system while at the same time full safety for the operator.
  • All the electrical and pneumatic parts to be used on the machine, from the major manufacturers.
  • All the mechanical elements are constructed in Greece, according to the European Community’s standards.
  • Electronically control of the production speed by an Inverter.
  • Easy adjustment of the envelope length by a PIV system.
  • Three pair of clamps ensuring the forwarding and adhesion of the packing material. The heating pair pneumatically controlled, close automatically while the machine is running and opens when the machine stops.
  • Quick adjusted form (width, height), to obtain the willing envelope.
  • Intake of wrapping material with fine centring, two gripper cones.
  • Carrier chain with replaceable plastic pushers.
  • Easy modification (acceleration or delay) of the contact time of the jaws. Possibility to replace the sealing jaws only without the need to change the entire unit.
  • Safety covers over all points of potential danger.
  • Possibility of introducing inert gas. Modified atmosphere.
  • The machine stands on adjustable levelling pads. It is equipped with four wheels with brakes, for easy moving.
  • Dimension of the machine: length 4200mm, width 1100 mm, height 1800 mm.
  • Weight 700kg
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  • Power 380V, Motor 380v 50- 60HZ 0.75 W
  • Clamps resistance: 4 X 400W-220V
  • Rollers resistance:  2 X 170W-42V
  • Maximum power consumption; 3,5 KW


  • Complete electrical panel CE conformity includes:
  • Relay & thermal protection, fuses, digital temperature gauge,
  • Voltage: 380V 50HZ – 3 phase + neutral + earth


  • Packing material suitable to be used on the machine: cellophane, polypropylene, metalize, pearl 20 – 40 microns.
  • Width of film (packing material): Max 550 mm.
  • External diameter of role: max 25 cm
  • Weight of packing material (web): max 25kg


  • One-year guarantee for all the mechanical parts, according to the European Community regulations. Improper use of the machine is not covered by the guarantee.

Additional information

Max Film Width


Product Width

20 – 200mm

Product Length

150 – 600mm

Product Height

2 – 100mm

Ζέυγη Ραούλων

3 ζεύγη ραούλων


έως 120 Τεμ/λεπτό



Power Supply

380V , 1ΗP, 3,5KW

Machine Dimensions

1100(Π) Χ 4200(Μ) Χ 1800(Υ)mm



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