SPL 150 TSD – Three Servo Drives

SPL 150 TSD - Three Servo Drives

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The construction company I.S. Spiliadis & Son CO., presents the third generation, fully automatic packaging machines flow pack, SPL Full Servo, suitable for demanding production conditions with many changes of product. Advantages:

  • Three independent servo motors, with advanced operating system
  • Flexibility with a wide range in the dimensions of the packaged products
  • Save of packaging parameters per product code, large memory capacity
  • Speed ​​in production with fast change of packaging parameters
  • Minimize waste on packaging material
  • Operator safety and error warning systems, smoother engine operation, etc.
  • Customization of printing mechanisms: Thermal Transfer & Hot Foil, eurohole and other accessories of choice
  • Possibility of cooperation in series with other machines: Metal detectors, clippers, labels, Check weighers, etc.
  • They accept heat-sealable packaging materials in film, based on polypropylene
  • Certified with CE safety instructions
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General characteristics

  • Bag dimensions: Length 120- 600mm, Width 3 – 200mm, Height 1 – 100mm. Maximum dimensions are not combined, special dimensions are available upon request
  • Sealing Jaw width: 220mm
  • Maximum width of packaging material: 550mm
  • Reinforced machine made of steel
  • Operating systems with automatic control sensors, which guarantee the good operation and the safety of the operator
  • Production speed depends on the length of the products and the packaging materials
  • Digital adjustment of the temperature of the horizontal sealing rollers
  • Digital adjustment of the temperature of the sealing jaws
  • Sealing jaws for airtight packaging of products
  • Sealing imprint with a rib parallel to the cutting knife
  • Resistors inside the sealing jaws
  • A adjustable or fixed format for configuring the width and height of the folder, depending on the type of product
  • The adjustable format has gauges for height and width adjustment
  • Three pairs of rolls for promotion & sealing of the packaging material
  • The heated pair of rollers is pneumatically controlled, i.e. it opens and closes automatically when the machine is stopped or started
  • Temperature control sensor inside the rollers and jaws
  • Possibility to fold the bottom seal right or left
  • Ability to control the acceleration or deceleration of the sealing jaws. This achieves control of their contact time
  • Ability to save and select recipes and settings per product code
  • Operation with (3) three independent Servo motors. One on the jaws, one on the table and one on the supply chain. (Automatic adjustment of all parameters)
  • Raul of the packaging material with self-centering of the film
  • Brake system with progressive control of the unwinding of the packaging material
  • Stop buttons on the power supply of the machine for emergencies
  • Operator protection plexiglass at the rotating cutting & sealing point
  • Automatic operation breakers of the machine, in case of removal of the protective guards
  • All functions are controlled through a “Touch Screen”
  • Built-in wheels for easy movement of the machine
  • Built-in soles for stabilizing the machine
  • Electronic photocell system for centering the model
  • The packing machine has stainless steel guards
  • All parts that contact with the products are made of 316 stainless steel
  • Production count
  • Ability to adjust the modem, for remote control and troubleshooting
  • Easy change of packaging material
  • Servo motion automation as well as all technical improvements, adapted to older Tahipack SPL packaging machines
  • Packing roll movement system right or left

Additional information

Product Length


Product Width


Product Height


Zεύγη Ραούλων

3 ζεύγη ραούλων



Power Supply

380V/220V, 50ΗΖ – 3Φ + ΟΥΔ. + ΓΗ

Electric Supply

Complete electrical panel with CE specifications. Includes:

  • INVERTER system for the electronic control of the fluctuation of the production speed.
  • Relays and thermal protections, Fuses, Safety switches on the covers
  • Thermostats to control the temperature of the welds
  • Operating voltage: 380V / 220V, 50HZ – 3Φ + ΟΥΔ. + EARTH.
  • Maximum power consumption 3.5 KW, Supply fuse: 25A drive.


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