Vertical Packaging Machine for 4 or 5 seals Stand-Up Bag

Vertical Packaging Machine for 4 or 5 seals Stand-Up Bag

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A series of automatic vertical packaging machines, for airtight packaging of products in a 4 or 5 seals Stand-Up Bag.

Combined with: linear or multi-headed weighers, volumetric or augers depending on the type of product and the required production speed.

Suitable for products: Greek coffee or espresso ground, coffee beans, tea, granular, sticky, powdered powders etc.

They can be equipped with elevators, coding machines (printers & labelers), metal detectors, collection systems etc.

All flexible roll packaging materials (PP, PE, PET, ALU, KRAFT, etc.) are acceptable.

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General Features

  • The machine can automatically feed, weigh, form a bag with 4 or 5 seals, fill it, close it airtight with heat sealing.
  • Features touch screen with PLC control system, for easy change and storage of packaging parameters.
  • High precision photocell, for easy trace recognition of pre-printed film
  • Film movement through servomotor and 2 straps
  • PID temperature instruments, with precision control + -1 oC
  • The size and model of the machine is selected depending on your final product.
  • CE certification

Accessories of choice

  • Printing machines Thermal transfer S32X50I, S53X70I, 107X125I
  • Hot Foil printing machines
  • Gusset
  • Gas supply system
  • Vacuum system
  • Eurohole or palm-hole
  • Extra format
  • Feeding systems
  • Clip-twist system
  • Entrance-Exit Conveyors
  • Metal Detectors and Check-weighers
  • Collecting Table
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