Semi-Automatic Tabletop Viscous Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Tabletop Viscous Filling Machine

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The viscous filling machine is used of Tomato sauce, peanut butter, salad dressing, chili sauce, bean paste, sesame, jam, sauces, pasta sauce and special industry paste filling.

Filling principle:
The machine is a semi-automatic piston filling machine, which is driven by a cylinder to extract and eject material. The material flow is controlled by a three-way rotary valve. The stroke of the cylinder can be controlled by the reed switch. The filling volume can be adjusted, You can adjust the intake air cylinder to achieve rapid or slow filling.

1. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, meeting
2. Filling capacity and filling speed can be adjusted
3. Filling system quick release design, easy to washable after used
4. Pneumatic components are adoped top-brand pneumatic components
5. Using PTFE seals and silicone seals (endure high temperature, acid and alkali resistant, and non-toxic environmental protection)
6. Filling mouth anti-drawing, anti-drip design
7. Quick filling speed,high filling accuracy
8. Can be used with a variety of equipment, such as plastic cup sealing machine, plastic box sealing machine, plastic bag sealing machine, vacuum packaging machine

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