Stick Packaging Machines

Stick Packaging Machines

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A series of automatic vertical packaging machines, for the airtight packaging of products on stick. They are equipped with volumetric systems or pumps, depending on the product.

They have the ability to pack one to ten sticks in parallel.

Suitable for: liquids, viscous, granular, powder etc.

They can be equipped with power elevators, marking machines (printers & labels), metal detectors, collection systems etc.

Accept flexible roll packaging materials (PP, PE, PET, ALU, KRAFT, etc.)

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General Features

  • The machine can automatically feed, weigh multiple doses, form multiple Sticks at the same time, fill them and close them airtight with heat sealing.
  • Features touch screen with PLC control system, for easy change and storage of packaging parameters.
  • High precision photocell, for easy trace recognition of pre-printed film
  • Film movement through servomotor and 2 straps
  • PID temperature instruments, with precision control + -1 oC
  • The size and model of the machine is selected depending on your final product.
  • CE certification

Accessories of choice

  • Printing machines Thermal transfer
  • Hot Foil printing machines
  • Feeding systems
  • Clip-twist system
  • Entrance-Exit Conveyors
  • Metal Detectors and Check-weighers
  • Collecting Table
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